Build Again

Start from the Start but this time the new start will be from the end.

50% of the organizations and 50% of the functions /activities in an Organization are getting similar results which either they do not want, or they want to change. It is like going back and forth, forming a loop and moving in a vicious cycle.

If you know beforehand at the start of the year, that the company will incur losses, isn’t it prudent to start cutting the losses? Take some tough decisions? Close down the loss-making verticals or products? Change the Business Model? Or will you continue to Buy more time and Do nothing. Easier said than done, time just slips away. The employees or the Management does not change their mindset, the group do not come together and get their acts in sync. Since everyone in a running organization are so pre-occupied with their daily activities and routine tasks, Nothing seems to be so bad till the time the leader calls it a “Close”.

There is always an opportunity and possibility to Start Afresh i.e. “Start Again”. Every problem has got a solution or deep dive and say that solution existed before we let the problem emerge. We champion in Restart. It is not exactly like a Startup but can be treated similarly to a Startup with an additional baggage.

Any new startup also fall under this solution of ours as they have also diagnose a problem in the market and providing the right solution to it. The Value proposition has to be drawn vividly before it actually starts connecting with the market i.e. finding the right customer segment for themselves.

We undertake multiple exercises and make you Restart
Business Model Scanning (Start to End including all business cyles)
Market Mapping and Market Study
Team Mindset (the major hurdle or 50% of the baggage)
Root cause analysis (can it be repeated in a different scenario too?)
New Business Plan and Pitch Deck
Scenarios Analysis
Asset and Working capital cycles
Organization, Business and Funding Structuring