A blind man was gifted a lantern by a friend at the time of leaving his home. “Of what use is a lamp to a blind man?” The friend said, Not for you but others will make way for you. Down the road, someone collided with him and caused him to fall. The blind man got up and angrily asked “Didn’t you see the lamp? Why did you make me fall?” The man who collided with him said “Yes, I can see the lantern now in your hand but there is no flame in it”

We hold on to old thoughts or mindset and old working style without realizing that they are not producing the desired results. What your business need is a constant Reset periodically. Not only to fix the problems but to adapt to better solutions.

Best Business Practices concept applicable to one or group of functions at one point of time
or different times or may become necessary for the organization as a whole.

Standard Operating
Processes (SOPs)
Best Business
Standard Report
and MIS
Regular ‘action-oriented’

Either applying the BBP or bringing back that practice which worked wonder in the past, the beauty lies
in the approach leading to its adaptability even in the new/changed environment.



Bringing the organization “Back to Basics” so that the diagnosis becomes easy and quick fix solutions can be applied at multiple levels in real quick time. During Change Management, Reset works wonder as the change becomes easy from a standard platform. When the processes or people management have become messy or complex, Apply Reset. It tunes in the Clarity and reduces the chance of further mistakes. It may appear to be a practice of “Going Back”, but there are times when the organization should consider taking 2 steps back then even 1 step forward.

So many areas are mingled up and once we perform the Reset exercise, the constraints may fall apart and your business will find ample fresh air (O2) to recharge itself and in that tremendous flow of energy moment it will start reinventing to reach to newer heights. Companies have got used to performing in a limited environment because of the responses, market talks and experiences. It has assumed a certain layer of constraints around which it starts working upon to exist. But it does not realize when this approach to exist turn into their exit. The Reset is an important exercise to remain updated and up to the mark.