Organizations are running a rat race and they tend to get exhausted. Reasons may be innumerable. There is no defined pattern to it or a particular activity or group of activities. It is but natural.

The exhaustion creeps in, the unclarity towards the work and performance, the negativity due to personal, inter-personal or office environment, the energy draining out as mind and body has a limit.

So, What does one do?

When losing focus, doing unwanted or unnecessary acts, dropping in performance level, making mistakes etc. are so natural, How does one keep raising their bar and bring in ‘Kaizen’ constant improvement. Due to routine set of activities, their repetitive nature, people tend to enter in casual mode or comfort zone.

Everyone requires the Recharge. Organizations should promote Recharge at regular intervals. Recharge is not only essential for raising your awareness and performance levels, but it is a pre-requisite for all the employees at different times for their well-being. You cannot run a car without fuel. If the battery is dead, the engine fails to start.

Recharge with uplifting motivation (talks / activities)
Recharge works well with Small Improvements in people, processes and key activities
Recharge keeps the path intact
Recharge catches the errors / deviations early and fix them before they turn ugly
Recharge works on “First things First” and is good for Control and Betterment.

So, What do we do?

We apply the Standard Checklists, strengthen all forms of Communications Management, bring back The Flow and The Rhythm, we perform the quick gap analysis and check performance level (business, people, functions, activities, past comparisons) and connect your business with our Recharge Model.





Applying different business scenarios, processes checks, system performance, it identifies the functions, activities, people or processes which requires the Recharge.

Process Improvement may act as a Recharge. A regular, structured and comprehensive Business health check exercise is good enough to Recharge the problematic areas, weakening areas or over-looked areas. It can be applied to a particular function or role, or group of functions or multiple roles, else a Master Recharge provides the best results / solutions.

By removing the sluggishness wherever it has creeped in, performing forecasting and gap analysis so that present and next 3-6 months the path is clear, hassle free and without any hurdles, the organization start moving forward with clarity and a known environment. Constraints are known and the organization start learning to work around them.