Question & Action

There is no rocket science to identify your business phase. You can do it yourself. Either your business is going up and up, or it went up but then came down and now unable to restore the past glory, or it has good momentum but stuck in a range, or it went up but then crashed and now there is an urgent requirement to fix people and processes, or it went up but then crashed and there is an immediate need to work upon the product itself. You can easily correlate to one of the above phases. If you find it difficult, then we are always there to run an exercise and make you aware about your business phase.

The rule is very simple. Every problem has got a solution and our product is solution-centric. While we are conducting different sets of exercises with your team, you will start getting breakthroughs. The moment you start becoming aware about your real problems and bottlenecks, you will start connecting to our solutions. The simplified solutions of ours will become readily acceptable to you and your team. Wide acceptability will make a smooth implementation and deliver the right results to you. Now you may have another query in your mind “Why will our solution work in an unknown environment like your company?” The solution developed by us works upon your business model and start mapping your people, processes and products in multiple combinations. Once the mapping is completed along with various other actions like business strategies, data intelligence, decision making processes, best practices etc. our Excellence Model will plug in seamlessly with your business model.

We have shared a self-explanatory image on how our solution will work for you, the link to which is given below for you to read through.


In a summary, we encourage all the companies, who are availing our services for the first time, to go for our Reinvent solution as it opens up “The Inner-Outer Circle” of your business and this clarity not only uplifts your vision but also evolve your business model. Thereafter, you may opt for Recharge solution for quick fixes and Reset solution for an advanced resetting of your business, once in 6 – 12 months. Restructure and Restart solutions are applicable when you are about to enter the negative territory or are in deep trouble. The main distinction between the two is that in the later case, the product need to be re-worked upon and the business model is redrawn as if it is a fresh start.

The game plan is very simple. It works on 3–21–7 mode, a one month complete cycle. The first 3 days we get to know you through our glasses. It may be a different picture, possibly not known to you or not fully aware about it. These 3 days are like building the bridge between you and us, setting up a platform for the next 21 days. The next 21 days involves a deep diving exercise which we initiate and participate in with your team. It is like building a new code for your business model. This is the time when the process is rolled in to strengthen the inner circle and broaden the outer circle. The final 7 days is the culmination period where we develop our Delivery Model for your business by plugging in our Excellence Model with your Business Model in order to provide the Right Solution for your company, which works.

We are not different from other consultancies. We are part of the big consultancy circle. But yes, our solution is unique and will not match with any existing solution provided by other consultancies. 5 Business Phases – 5 Simplified Solutions. All the solutions are our proprietary excellence models. We understand that you have multiple problems at different functions or levels, 50% of them you may not be that well aware about. We also know that Finding the solution is just like making someone visualize an utopian world. We enter your real world and remain there till the time the solutions of ours start producing the results. We have the experience of both sides of business world – both inside and outside – an Insider and an Outsider – an Employee and a Consultant – a Decision maker and a Strategist.