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In the first half of 2021, we were presenting our report to a client and we chose the below slide to pull out their attention towards this set of 5 images. Instead of we directly pointing out where they actually stand, we asked them to identify their current status. During this exercise, an idea emerged ‘how can simplified solutions be provided to companies which at some point of their lifecycle pass through one of the 5 phases

We immediately after reaching our office gathered the team and pulled out the flipchart to begin the brainstorming on this idea to further elaborate it and bring to the world as a simplified model. The session went on for few hours and the idea kept on evolving. We identified that every company passes through one of these 5 different phases and approached it with a positive angle. We always want to improve for better and want to flow in Upstream, especially in a business environment. The concept started emerging viz. Higher High, Old High, Constant High, Low to High and a New High. The height always excites us and we normally consider it as a sign of success.

One of our team members turned an emotional angle to it by sharing the below story

The Ramayan That Nobody Read

Valmiki, the sage who wrote the epic Ramayan, heard that Hanuman had also written a version. Curious, he set out in search of the forest where Hanuman lived. There, he found the banana leaf on which Hanuman had written His version. The grammar, vocabulary, and melody were so perfect that Valmiki began to cry, “After reading this, nobody will read Valmiki’s Ramayan.” Immediately, Hanuman crushed the leaf, popped it into his mouth, and swallowed it.

“Why did you do that?” Valmiki asked.

“You need your Ramayan more than I need mine,” Hanuman replied. “You wrote it because you want people to remember you. I wrote it because I want to remember Lord Ram.”

We took the gist out of it and brought the focus of our concept to “How we can genuinely serve the companies and make our solutions really effective to business in their unique environment”

Our 200+ years of experience and expertise in different industries and functions formed a synergy with our love, passion and honesty for bringing improvement in business, thus resulted in this concept which comprises of 5 business phases and their 5 simplified solutions.

We got our purpose crystal clear “To make companies reach to their best by contributing in evolving their market and at the same time exploring other markets”